158 short films compete for the Santa Lucía

Pantalla Colombia No.: 072
diciembre 01 - 31 / 2017

These are the productions that are part of the Official Competition of the 15th Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá (BOGOSHORTS), which began on December 5


The 15th Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá (BOGOSHORTS) will run until December 12. The call closed August 6, after which the Selection Committee of the festival conferred to choose the films that will participate in the 22 categories. After this process, the 158 short films that make up the Official Selection of the National Competition, the International Competition, the F3 Fantastic Fanatic Freak Competition and the new VR Competition were announced. These shorts will compete to take home the Santa Lucía, the festival’s official statuette. The 2017 open call received applications from 3,864 productions from 109 countries around the world.

The following short films were selected for the Fiction International Competition:
Written / Unwritten by Adrian Silisteanu (Romania), No place to return by Toshiharu Sasai (Japan), Never by Joe Torres and J. René Guerra (Venezuela), Time to go by Grzegorz Mołda (Poland), The Pursuit of a Happy Human Life by Gladys Ng (Singapore), Role by Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font (Spain), Turquoise by Rozbeh Missaghi (Iran), Limbo by Konstantina Kotzamani (France, Greece), Tropical Year by Iuri Minfroy (Brazil), Lira's Forest by Connor Jessup (Canada), Cargo by Luis Campos (Portugal), The President's Visit by Cyril Aris (Lebanon, United States), Berta and the Minors by Marina Glezer (Argentina), Creature of the Estuary by Eelyn Lee (United Kingdom), BobbyAnna by Jackson Kroopf (United States), What Tears Us Apart by Hu Wei (France), Grandfather by Amar Kaushik (India), and Backstory by Joschka Laukeninks (Germany).
The Documentary International Competition is filled out by Photo Jaunie by Fanie Pelletier (Canada), Connection by Zoe García (Cuba), Bolingo: the Forest of Love by Alejandro G. Salgado (Spain), Close Ties by Zofia Kowalewska (Poland), Fire Mouth by Luciano Pérez Fernández (Brazil), Real Love by Iman Behrouzi (Iran), Kappa Crucis by João Borges (Brazil), After Life by Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow (New Zealand), The Last Tape by Igor Kosenko and Cyprien Clement-Delmas (Germany), In the Woods by Thomas Horat and Corina Schwingruber Ilic (Switzerland, Serbia), Moonlight Princess by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss (Israel, Germany), Into the Throat by Matteo Gariglio (Switzerland, Argentina), In His Kingdom by Anton Bialas (France), Between Us by Maciej Miller (Poland), Blueberry Spirits by Astra Zoldnere (Latvia), and Rising Dragon by Antonia Meile (Switzerland, China).
The Animation International Competition features Island by Max Mörtl and Robert Löbel (Germany), Morning Cowboy by Fernando Pomares (Spain), Gamer Girl by Irena Jukić Pranjić (Croatia), The Great Story of a Little Stroke by Antoine Robert (France), Penelope by Heta Jäälinoja (Estonia, Finland), Sore Eyes for Infinity by Elli Vuorinen (Finland), Fundamental by Shih-Chieh Chiu (Taiwan), Where Is My Moon? by Mi-Young Baek (South Korea, France), Dear Death by Kate Isenberg (United States), Negative Space by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (France), Blue by Arjun Gupte (India), Sand by Arjan Brentjes (Netherlands) ), Big Bag by Daniel Greaves (United Kingdom), The Art Of Aping by Ananya Anil (India), Ugly by Nikita Diakur (Germany), Kosmos by Daria Kopiec (Poland), Dead Horses by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (Spain), Twin Islands by Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot and Fanny Teisson (France), Foreign Body by Marta Magnuska (Poland), Shock Therapy by Engel Bali and Matthieu Landour (United Kingdom), Farewell by Leon Vidmar (Slovenia), Yin by Nicolas Fong (Belgium), Travelogue Tel Aviv by Samuel Patthey (Switzerland), and Heads Together by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw (The Netherlands).
The Experimental International Competition features Fathy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore by Maged Nader (Egypt), The Other by Will Sankhla (India), Why Are You Here? by Will Sankhla (United States, India), Distopia by Pedro Urizzi (Brazil, Hungary), The End of Time by Milcho Manchevski (Cuba, United States), Except Light by Mathieu Dufois (France), Exordium/Outgrown by Yuliya Tsukerman (United States), Soil by Alican Durbaş (Turkey), Panicutopia: The Desert Ark by Gali Blay (Israel, The Netherlands), Kali by Sabine Molenaar (The Netherlands, Belgium), Empty by Carmen Rojas Gamarra (Spain, Peru), On The Beach by Goran Škofić (Croatia), Process: Breath by Line Klungseth Johansen (Norway), Mehr Licht! by Mariana Kaufman (Brazil), Ten Forces Minus Forty Three Seconds by Francis (France), WANDERUNG by Van McElwee (United States), and SOULCASH by Elīna Maligina (Latvia).
The Music Video International Competition features Vinaigre (POLAR POLAR POLAR POLAR) by Pierre Teulières and Sébastien Auger (France), Pandas dans la brume - Sacrés Pandas (Tryo) by Thierry Garance and Juan Rodríguez (France, Belgium), Behemoth (ZAPP GALURA) by Mike Kren (Austria), Toi et Moi (Poom) by Axel Courtière (France), Idiot (Paperface) by Cristian Wiesenfeld (Germany, Chile), Through My Street (RIO WOLTA) by Piet Baumgartner (Switzerland), Restless (Marylane) by Igor Chojna (Poland, Switzerland), Fortaque (Just A Gent) by Thomas Tessier (France), 3WW (alt-J) by Young Replicant (United States), and Viva! (Los Punsetes) by Luis Cerveró (Spain).
This year the festival decided to innovate with the new VR Competition, where 2D and 3D projects have been selected to show the possibilities offered by new technologies. The competition is composed of Esquirlas de 8 bits by Felipe Aguilar (Colombia), I Saw The Future by François Vautier (France), Superstar VR by Steven Wouterlood (The Netherlands), Heal Tomorrow by Romain Chassaing (France), River of Mud by Tadeu Jungle (Brazil), Don’t Go Back by Franchin Don (France), and Bloodless by Gina Kim (United States).
Finally, we have the F3 Fantastic Fanatic Freak Competition, a category where risky films, extreme fiction, and genre are celebrated. This competition contains four Colombian films: Un bel di vedremo by Pablo González, Desomorfina by Diego Yepes, Nadia by Diego González Cruz (Colombia) and Sinclair by Simón Mesa. The other short films in the competition are The Babysitter by Frédéric Chalté (Canada), Fierce by Izù Troin (France, Switzerland, Belgium), The Little World by Yasmin Angel (Germany), God's Favorite Animal by Marco Bentancor and Alejandro Rocchi (Uruguay), Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively (United States), Manhunt by Brando Bartoleschi (Italy), Sun by Carlos G. Gananian (Brazil), 8 Minutes by Giorgi Gogichaishvili (Georgia), The Hour of Darkness by Domenico De Feudis (Italy), STHLM Hunters by Tor Helmstein (Sweden), Ocean by Renato Duque (Brazil), Bon Appetit by Erenik Beqiri (Albania), The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler by Paul Phillip (Germany), Basilisk by Min Kyu Kang (South Korea), Call of Cuteness by Brenda Lien (Germany), Escarabana by Sara Casasnovas (Spain), Pet Man by Marzieh Abrarpaydar (Iran), and Crowded House by Carlos Nigro (Brazil).

Más noticias


David Gallego nominated for a BIFA in the UK

For his participation in the film I Am Not a Witch, the Colombian filmmaker David Gallego received a nomination in the Best Cinematography Category at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) which will be presented on December 10

Miss María: Skirting the Mountain at IDFA and in Colombian cinemas

Rubén Mendoza's new film participated in the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) that ended on November 26. Miss María: Skirting the Mountain (Señorita María: la falda de la montaña) premiered on November 23 in movie theaters across the country