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Dic 31 2022

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Colombian cinema gains momentum in 2022

This year a historic 57 Colombian feature films were released in the country's commercial and alternative circuits, thanks to the efforts of nearly twenty distributors. Several of these films also stood out on the international festival scene, winning several top awards at these events and leaving a positive impression on audiences and critics alike, thanks to the diversity and quality of their stories.
The calls made by the Film Development Fund - FDC 2022 continued to support Colombian films' production, training, and distribution. The FDC had 19,218 million pesos, distributed among 157 projects in 21 categories. In addition, starting in February, the Audiovisual Investment Certificate - CINA began to be traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange, thanks to Decree 1701 of 2021, which allows automatic registration in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers. CINA had a 280,000 million pesos fund to encourage international film production companies to work in the country.
This year also saw the fourth version of the Colombian Film Season. With the slogan "Let Colombian cinema thrill you," it toured 46 cities in 31 departments to screen 40 short and feature-length fiction, documentary, and animation films reflecting the country's cultural and ethnic diversity. Eighty-eight in-person screenings reached more than 6,500 people, adding to a hybrid program that included 110 activities and the online film exhibition through Retina Latina and RTVC Play.
This was a very dynamic year, both nationally and internationally. Here is a summary of the highlights of 2022.



- Commercial release of Augusto Sandino's Entre la niebla (A Vanishing Fog) on January 13.
- Harold Trompetero's Un parcero en Nueva York (A pal in New York) was shot in Colombia and the U.S. from January 17 to 29.
- The 44th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival ran from January 28 to February 5. Esteban García Garzón's Invisibles led Colombian participation in the International Competition. As for the industry sections, Jeferson Cardoza's Paloquemao, Andrés Mossos's Lobos (Wolves), William Vega's Náufragos (Castaways), and Carlos Gómez Salamanca's Yugo were in the Short Film Market Picks selection. Also, 90 shorts were part of the Videolibrary of the Marché du Film Court. Additionally, Guillermo Moncayo's Sin asunto (No subject), Maria Rojas Arias's Abrir monte (Open

mountain), Omar E. Ospina Giraldo's El video (The video), Juana Lotero López's Fresas salvajes (Wild strawberries), Mónica Taboada's Two-spirit, and Sebastián Valencia Muñoz's Zarzal (Bramble) were part of the REFRESH-VOL. catalog. A delegation from Proimágenes Colombia and the Bogoshorts Festival —and its agency– also attended the event. 
Un rabón con corazón (The Beauty and the Moody) by Dago García Producciones opened on January 27.
- The 17th Hay Festival was held from January 27 to 30, with on-site activities in Cartagena, Jericó, and Medellín; and an online program for the rest of the country.
- Apichatpong Weerasethakul's co-production Memoria was presented at the 51st International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 26 to February 6.



- The International Association of Film Commissions of the World (AFCI) announced Bogota as the venue for Cineposium 2022.
Tundama by brothers Edison and Diego Yaya opened in more than 40 theaters in Spain (February 4).
Mis dos voces (My two voices) by Lina Rodriguez, Alis by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas van Hemelryck, Yarokamena by Andrés Jurado, and the fiction series Picadero, co-written by Mauricio Leiva Cock, were presented at the 72nd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale, February 10 to 20. Jerónimo Atehortúa and Gustavo Vasco also took part in Berlinale Talents. Alis received the Crystal Bear in the Generation 14Plus section and the Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film.

En tránsito (In transit), by Mauricio Vergara and Liliana Hurtado, opened in Colombian theaters (February 17).
- Erwin Goggel's Hilo de retorno (Thread of return) opened in Colombian theaters (February 24).
- As of February 24, the Audiovisual Investment Certificate - CINA can be traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange under Decree 1701 of 2021. In 2022, this incentive had a fund of 280,000 million pesos to support film production in the country.
- Colombian Inercia Películas was one of the six production houses —the only Latin American— participating in the Atlantic Film Accelerator, February 28 to March 8, in Tenerife, Spain



- Iván Guarnizo's Del otro lado (From the other side) opened in Spain (March 3). 
- The 39th Miami Film Festival took place from March 4 to 13. The co-productions Amparo by Simón Mesa Soto, La opción cero (The zero option) by Marcel Beltrán, Ajenos a la paz (Oblivious to peace) by Laura Angel Rengifo and Noah DeBonis, and Plaza catedral (Cathedral square) by Abner Benaim, entered in the event various categories.
- Marcel Beltrán's La opción cero, Jose Varón's Nocaut (Knockout), and  Monica Taboada's short film Two-spirit were in the Competition sections. Six projects took part in the market sections  Buscando las palabras (Looking for the words) by Joel Stängle; Detrás del alma (Behind the soul) by Nazly López; Un pedazo de paz (A piece of peace) by Beltrán Pérez and Jacobo Albán; Una puntada, una lágrima (One stitch, one tear) by Carlos Castro Macea and Isabel Macias; Carabalí by Medhin Tewolde Serrano; and African Beat, un viaje a las raíces de la Champeta (African Beat, a journey to the roots of Champeta) by Lucas Silva. These films made up the Colombian quota in MiradasDOC, March 4 to 12, in Spain. Ángela Téllez from Señal Colombia, Gloria Luz Arenas from Caracol Televisión, and Alina Hleap from the Cali International Film Festival - FICCALI were part of Decisionmakers 2022.
Gospel by Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, produced by Dago García and Cineplex USA for Prime Video, was shot from March 7 to April 8.
Clara by Aseneth Suárez Ruiz opened commercially on March 10.
Entre la niebla was part of the Official Selection of South by Southwest - SXSW, which took place from March 11 to 20 in Austin, Texas.

- The 61st Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (March 16 to 21) featured 47 Colombian films. Twelve of these were beneficiaries of the Film Development Fund (FDC): Juan Sebastián Mesa's La roya (The rust), Joan Gómez's El árbol rojo (The red tree), Alberto Gómez Peña's Ríos de ceniza (Rivers of ash), Marta Rodríguez's Camilo Torres Restrepo, El amor eficaz (Camilo Torres Restrepo, effective love), Toro (Bull) by Adriana Bernal Mor and Gina Ortega, Irene Lema Dimaté's El beat, Fredy Fortich Vásquez's Medianoche (Midnight), Sebastián Valencia Muñoz's Zarzal, Andrés Isaza Giraldo's Sereno, Simón Mesa Soto's Amparo, Henry Rincón's La ciudad de las fieras (The City of wild beasts), Germán Arango's Cantos que inundan el río (Singings flooding the river), Ana Cristina Monroy's ¿Quién soy? (Who am

I?), Angélica Cervera Aguirre's Si Dios fuera mujer (If God were a woman), and Diógenes Cuevas's Una madre (A mother).
- Commercial premiere of Cicatrices en la tierra (Scars on the land) by Gustavo Fernández V. and the second season of CINA's beneficiary reality show Resistiré (I'll resist) produced by MTV and Paramount+ (March 17).
Turbia (Muddy) by Contravía Films, Inercia Películas, and Telepacífico was the only Latin American series to participate in the 12th edition of Series Mania, an event dedicated to tv series and streaming platforms, held March 18-25 in Lille, France.
- At the 44th edition of the Cinéma du Réel Documentary Film Festival (March 11-20), Guillermo Quintero's Río Rojo (Red river) received the Orlando Studio Award.
- The 34th Toulouse Latin American Film Festival (March 25 to April 3) included the participation of Colombian productions El árbol rojoDel otro lado, Cantos que inundan el río, Ana Katalina Carmona's Los enemigos (The enemies), Aurora y la casa de las luces (Aurora and the house of lights) by María Matiz and Ángela Matiz, Andrés Wiesner's Los gatos (The cats), Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Memoria, Fernando Trueba's El olvido que seremos (Forgotten we'll be), Gisela Restrepo Triviño's Bajo el silencio y la tierra (Under silence and earth), Memorias guerrilleras (Guerrilla memories) by the audiovisual collective David Marín, María Teresa Salcedo's Lea salvaje (Wild Lea), Dulce (Sweet) by Guille Isa and Angello Faccini, and Juan José Lozano's La jungla roja (The red jungle). Also during the event, Diógenes by Leonardo Barbuy La Torre and La jauría (The pack) by Andrés Ramírez participated in Films in Progress 41.
Entre fuego y agua (Between fire and water) by Viviana Gómez Echeverry and Anton Wenzel opened on March 31 and received the Second Prize in Competition at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival.
- CineVista film blog, co-founded by Sandra Ríos Urquina and Omar Yesid Mariño, celebrated 15 years of bringing critics, reviews, news, and interviews to Hispanic audiences.
Diomedes: el ídolo, el misterio y la tragedia (Broken Idol: The Undoing of Diomedes Díaz), CINA's beneficiary documentary, premiered globally on Netflix (March 31).



Primate, a CINA beneficiary series, premiered On April 1 on Amazon Prime Video for the US and Latin America.
- Four Colombian films received awards at the 34th Toulouse Festival: Cantos que inundan el río (Best Documentary Rencontres de Toulouse), Los enemigos (Short Film Revelation Award), Del otro lado (Audience Award and SIGNIS Feature Documentary Award), and El árbol rojo (CCAS Award and Rail D'OC Fiction Award). Meanwhile, in Films in Progress, Diógenes was awarded a Special Mention, La jauría received the Mactari Special Award, and Querido trópico won the Le Lokal Award.
- The co-productions Río sucio (Dirty river) by Gustavo Fallas and Objetos rebeldes (Rebel objects) by Carolina Arias Ortiz premiered commercially (April 5).
- Netflix's Pálpito (The Marked Heart) premiered on April 20, while Las Villamizar, produced by Canal Caracol, did on April 13. Both productions are beneficiaries of CINA.
Del otro lado won the Audience Award at the Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International in Germany, April 18 to 23. 
Marea verde (Green tide) by Ángel Giovanni Hoyos opened in theaters (April 21).
- The 38th Chicago Latino Film Festival took place from April 21 to May 1 with the participation of several Colombian productions: La ciudad de las fierasEl árbol rojoCantos que inundan el río (second place documentary at the Audience Awards), La pesca del atún blanco (Fishing for albacore tuna), Entre tú y milagros (Between you and Milagros), El intronauta (The intranaut), Animales de guerra (War animals), and Zarzal.

- The 9th edition of The Colombian Film Festival NY, from April 28 to May 1, included the screening of the fiction feature films Amigo de nadie (Noones's friend) by Luis Alberto Restrepo, Ángel de mi vida (Angel of my life) by Yuldor Gutiérrez, Loco por vos (Crazy about you) by Felipe Martínez Amador,

Amparo by Simón Mesa Soto, El árbol rojo by Joan Gómez, Litigante (Litigant) by Franco Lolli, El paseo 6 (The trip 6) by Roberto Triana, and Tantas almas (Valley of Souls) by Nicolás Rincón Gille. It also included the documentaries Te lleva el diablo (The devil takes you) by David Covo, Álvaro by José Alejandro González, Entre fuego y agua (Between fire and water) by Viviana Gómez Echeverry and Anton Wenzel, Del otro lado by Iván Guarnizo, and Balada para niños muertos (Ballad for dead children) by Jorge Navas. Additionally, the festival featured the short films Entre tú y milagros by Mariana Saffon; Arena (Sand) by Rossana Montoya; Bang by Albatros González; Desde adentro (From the inside) by Fernanda Pineda and Hanz Rippe; El duende (The elf) by Simón Hernández; Lucas Silva and Simón Mejía; El intronauta by José Arboleda; El traje de Karina (Karina's dress) by Frank Benítez; Epicentro (Epicenter) by Santiago León Cuéllar; Inés by Lorena Villanueva; Pasos al aire (Steps in the air) by Checho Mejía; SOS by Ángela Tobón Ospina; Todo es culpa de la sal (It's all the salt's fault) by María Cristina Pérez González; and Virus by Iván Luna. Special screenings included El inmigrante latino (The latin immigrant) by Gustavo Nieto Roa, El olvido que seremos by Fernando Trueba, Alma by Santiago León Cuéllar, El corral (The pen) by Alfredo Marimón and Daniela López, Masmelos (Marshmallows) by Duván Duque, and Tres pisos (Three floors) by Manuela Blandón Restrepo. 
- Simon Mesa Soto's Amparo opened on April 28.
- The scholarship-loan program of the Colfuturo-FDC partnership for postgraduate studies, in which up to 95% of the debt can be forgiven, completed a decade of promoting education in the film industry.
- The 29th Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival of Canada was held from April 28 to May 8, featuring Colombian productions Sin asunto by Guillermo Moncayo, AlisMis dos vocesWhen the Shot by Ana Bravo and the Milisuthando project by Viso Producciones.



Memoria's roadshow-style film tour kicked off in multiple cities in the United States.
- Multiple films opened in theaters: Sandra Molano's El hombre que está al medio (The man in the middle), Marta Hincapié's Las razones del lobo (The reasons of the wolf), and Mesa de tareas (Task table) by Andrea Rey (May 12); El árbol de Matías (Matías's tree) by Pilar Perdomo (May 17); and Carlos Vergara's 5 Ignorantes buscando una verdad (5 ignorant people looking for a truth), El film justifica los medios (The film justifies the means) by Juan Jacobo del Castillo (May 19).
- The fifth season of Shark Tank Colombia, a beneficiary of CINA produced by Sony Channel, started shooting on May 17.
Las iguanas (Iguanas) by Frank Benitez and Séptima Films premiered on HBO Max (May 19).
- The 75th Cannes Film Festival took place from May 17 to 28. Colombia was represented by Fabián Hernández's Un varón (A male) in the Directors' Fortnight; Andrés Ramírez Pulido's La jauría in the

61st edition of Critics' Week; and Juan Andrés Arango's feature film project Donde comienza el río (Where the river starts) in L'Atelier de la Cinéfondation. In the Marché Du Film, the Festival's industry section, Cannes Docs 2022 included the co-productions Las bravas (The Braves) and Nuestra memoria (Our memory), and Regreso al mar de mis muertos (Back to Sea of my Deceased), as part of Goes to CannesLa jauría received the Grand Prix and the SACD Prize, awarded by the French Society of Authors and Composers.
- The Latin American Audiovisual Festival - FALA São Chico, May 25 to 28, included the the short films A La sombra del cumare (In the shadow of the cumare) by Daniel Vargas, La búsqueda (The search) by Jesús Palacio, and Somos tierra (We are land) by Lala Corredor.
Donde comienza el río —a co-production of Inercia Películas (Colombia), Ciné Sud Promotion (France), Midi La Nuit (Canada), and Mer Film (Norway)— was awarded a grant from Norway's International Co-production Fund, Sørfond.



- The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival - LALIFF, June 1 to 5, featured Colombian co-productions Perfume de gardenias (Gardenia Perfume) by Macha Colón, Mis dos voces (Mi two voices) by Lina Rodriguez, Reparaciones (Repairs) by Wilson Borja, and the series Turbia.
No odiarás (Thou shalt not hate) by Gloria Yaneth Castrillón Pulido and Oscar Güesguán Serpa opened on June 2.
Entre luces y sombras (Between Lights and Shadows) by Nazly López in the Latin American Focus, two participants as Decision Makers (Alejandro Angel and Felipe César Londoño), and three in Industry Days (Andrés Burbano, Diana Rico, and Juan Manuel Escobar) marked the Colombian participation at the fifth New Images Festival in Paris. The event, from June 8 to 12, is focused on digital creation and virtual worlds.
- The feature film Petit mal by Ruth Caudeli and the short film Baby by Cristina Sánchez Salamanca formed part of the Official Selection of the Tribeca Festival, June 8 to 19.

- The Huesca International Film Festival, June 10 to 18, featured the Colombian short films Kun Bi by Agamenón Quintero, Golem by Andrés Jiménez, and Two-spirit
- The 37th Guadalajara International Film Festival - FICG, June 10 to 18, included the feature films La royaAlisPerfume de gardenias, and Petit mal in its competition sections. Other nine national projects were in the industry sections: Agua Salá (Salt water) by Steven Morales, Matrioshka by Jorge Forero, Un pedazo de paz by Beltran Pérez, Los pasajeros del último viaje (Passengers on the last trip) by Marta María Borrás, MC Silencio (MC silence) by Germán Arango, Muchachos de madera (Wood boys) by Andrés Porras and Jesús Reyes, Noviembre (November) by Tomás Corredor, Pelea como un animal (Fights like an animal) by Carlos Téllez, and Púrpura (Purple) by Nina Paola Marín.

- Cristina Gallego was elected as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood.

- Colombian feature films La otra forma (The other way) by Diego Guzmán and Dos pajaritos (Two little birds) by Alejo Schettini and Alfredo Soderguit; and the short films Yugo by Carlos Gómez Salamanca, Reparaciones by Wilson Borja, La mujer como imagen, el hombre como portador de la mirada (Woman as Image, Man as Bearer of the Look) by Carlos Velandia, and Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento (All My Scars Fade in the Wind) by María Angélica Restrepo Guzmán and Carlos Velandia were presented at the Annecy Animation Film Festival, June 13 to 18 in France. In addition to these productions featured in the official sections, Colombia had an outstanding participation in the industry section of the Festival - MIFA. This included My Dad the Truck by María Cristina Pérez, The Council of Dead Birds by Jimmy Cho, A Dark Poem of Humanity by Cho Jim San and Juan Camilo González, Len and the Song of the Whales by Julián Londoño, Halloween by Silvia Prieto, Animétricas (Animetrics) by Astrohouse, Ugamú mi enemigo imaginario (Ugamú, my imaginary enemy) by Mito Estudio Creativo, Los cuentos de Villa Pio (Stories from Villa Pio) by Corporación La Valiente Estudio, En la diestra de Dios padre (At the right hand of God the Father) by Cuevasfilm Cine Entretenimiento, Chocó: La tierra, los monstruos (Chocó: the land and the monsters) by Estefanía Pineres, Cotton Bottom Town by Luisa Fernanda Velásquez, and No llores (Dont cry) by Mila Useche.
- The feature documentary Álvaro by José Alejandro González opened in theaters on June 23.
- The CINA beneficiary feature film Del otro lado del jardín, by Daniel Posada and Particular Crowd, was shot in Colombia for HBO Max.

- The feature documentary La exhumación by Jairo Estrada was released on June 30.
- Feature documentary Alis received the Young Jury Award at the Sheffield Film Festival, Best Ibero-American Feature Documentary at Guadalajara, and the Lince de Oro at the New Directors New Films Festival.



- The Colombian Film Festival in Buenos Aires - FICCBA held its fourth edition from July 4 to 10. The program of 29 films from Colombia and Argentina included Flavia Montini's Los Zuluagas, Objetos rebeldes, Entre fuego y agua, El film justifica los medios, Luisa Orozco's Les otres (The others), Cicatrices en la tierra, Jerónimo Atehortúa's Álvaro Pirotecnia (Alvaro Fireworks), El mañana es un palacio de agua (Tomorrow is a palace of water) by Juanita Onzaga, 84 by Daniel Cortés, Más allá de la noche (Beyond night) by Manuel Ponce De León Restrepo, Cristina Motta's Superficies (Surfaces)  El derecho a existir (The right to exist) by Eliseth Libertad Peña Quistial, Abrir monte (Open mountain) by Maria Rojas Arias, Presagio (Presage) by Juliana Zuluaga and Tiagx Vélez, and Juan Soto Taborda's Revelaciones (Revelations).
- The short film Los mayores ríos se deslizan bajo tierra (Underground rivers) by Simón Vélez, and Iván Argote as a jury of the Flash Official Competition were the Colombian contributions to the 33rd Marseille International Film Festival - FID Marseille, July 5 to 11.
- The documentary Si Dios fuera mujer by Angélica Cervera premiered on July 7.
- The NAFF It Projects section of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - BiFan (July 7 to 17 in South Korea) included the film Libranos del mal (Deliver Us From Hell) by Juan Diego Escobar. 
- The Bogota Audiovisual Market - BAM consolidated its position as one of Latin America's most important film markets featuring a 100% online agenda from July 11 to 13 and an entirely in-person program from July 14 to 16. During the event, Proimágenes Colombia and the General Direction of Film and Audiovisuals of the Italian Ministry of Culture signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the relationships between the audiovisual industries of both countries for the coming three years.

- The short films Negro el mar (Black sea) by Juan David Mejía, Color-ido (Color gone) by Estefanía Piñeres, Bebé (Baby) by Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, Paloquemao by Jeferson Cardoza, Se alquilan lavadoras (Washing machines for rent) by Jeferson Romero Ruíz, Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento by Angélica Restrepo and Carlos Velandia, and Vienen las grietas (Cracks are coming) by Daniel Mateo Vallejo were selected for the Refresh Vol. 4 catalog of Colombian short films. 
- The 11th International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS, July 18 to 22, included in its Official Competitions the feature film La otra forma and the short films It will rain Today by Mariana Correa González, A Mar by Juan David León and Danilo Albero Sánchez, and Boa by Nicolás Eduardo Parra. It also featured the series Zander by Kike Ortega, Dos pajaritosAmarillo y violeta (Yellow and purple) by Sergio Mejia, La orquestita (The little orchestra) by Juan Carve, Thermalia by Juan M. Urbina, and Astropackers by Luisa Velásquez. La otra forma won Best Feature Film in Latin America and Spain (General audiences +7).
- From July 18 to 31, the exhibition Reality, uneasiness, and beauty presented the film and literary work of Colombian director and writer Víctor Gaviria in multiple venues in Mexico City.
- The documentaries Cantos que inundan el río by Germán Arango and Leyenda viva (Living legend) by Martín Nova opened commercially on July 21. 
- The 22nd New Horizons International Film Festival was held from July 21 to 31 in Wroclaw, Poland. The co-productions La jauríaMemoria, and Eles transportan a morte (They carry death), by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado, all participated in the festival.

Alis represented Colombia at DocMontevideo.



- Leon Prudovsky's co-productions Mi vecino Adolfo (My Neighbor, Adolf) (Israel, Poland, Colombia) and The Zero Option (Brazil, Cuba, Colombia) were the Colombian entries at the 75th Locarno Film Festival, August 3-13.
- Arturo Loaiza Espitia's Ermitaño had its commercial premiere on August 4. 
- The Lima Film Festival was held from August 4 to 12, with Un varónMemoria, and Alis representing Colombia. Un varón received the Special Jury Prize, the Jury Prize for Best Actor, the Jury Prize for Best Cinematography in the Fiction Competition, and the Critics' Jury Prize for Best Film.
- Diógenes Cuevas' Una madreNijolė, Sandro Bozzolo's La huella de la existencia (The footprint of existence) and Juan Carlos Vásquez's Sana que sana (Pain pain, go away) opened commercially on August 11. 
- The series Noticia de un secuestro, shot in Colombia, premiered on Prime Video on August 12.
AlisProfesora Leda (Miss Leda) by David David, Freddy and Willington by Carlos Augusto Rojas, and MC Silencio by Germán Arango (Luckas Perro) participated in the 18th SANFIC - Santiago International Film Festival held August 14-21.

- Harold Trompetero's Un parcero en Nueva York opened in theaters in Colombia on August 18 and later in Peru, Spain, Chile, and the United States.
El videoInvisiblesTodas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento, and Two-Spirit made up the Colombian participation in the 33rd Sao Paulo Short Film Festival, August 18 to 28.
- On August 25, Turbia, a series produced by Contravía Films and Inercia Películas, arrived on ViX+.
Alina de Cuba started shooting in Bogota and Cartagena, with local talent accounting for over 80% of the technical and artistic crew. A beneficiary of CINA, this historical drama is directed by Miguel Bardem and stars Ana Villafañe and James Franco. 
- Theo Montoya's Anhell69 was screened at the Venice International Critics' Week from August 31 to September 10. The Colombian film received a Special Jury Mention, the Verona Film Club Award for Most Innovative Film, and the Mario Serandrei - Hotel Saturnia Award for Best Technical Contribution.



Apertura ¿para qué? o el destino del planeta (Opening for what? or the fate of the planet?) by Guillermo Camargo Fonseca, Cólera morbo (Cholera morbo) by Alfonso Acosta, and El árbol rojo opened commercially (September 1).
Horizonte (Horizon), by César Acevedo, and Noviembre, by Tomás Corredor, were part of the ninth Venice Gap-Financing Market, organized from September 2 to 4 as part of the 79th Venice International Film Festival.
- The Pixelatl Festival celebrated its eleventh edition from September 6 to 10. Colombia participated in the Official Short Film Selection with Color-ido by Estefanía Piñeres Duque, Boa by Nicolás Eduardo Parra, Keradó by Andrés Castillo and Diego Alejandro Castillo, and El dolor de mi madre (The pain of my mother) by Juliana Erazo. These four short films were beneficiaries of the Film Development Fund - FDC. Exhibitions included La otra forma and Dos pajaritos. The International Promotion delegation of Proimágenes Colombia accompanied the projects My Dad the Truck by María Cristina Pérez González, The Council of Dead Birds and A Dark Poem of Humanity by Jimmy Cho, Halloween by Silvia Prietov, and Len and the Song of the Whales by Julián Londoño.

- Harold De Vasten's Gallo de pelea and Henry Rincón's La ciudad de las fieras opened on September 8.
La jauríaVicenta B. by Carlos Lechuga, and So Much Tenderness by Lina Rodriguez in the Contemporary World Cinema section, as well as the short film Todo incluido (All included) by Duván Duque in Short Cuts made up the Colombian share in the Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival -TIFF, September 8 to 18. The industry section included La Suprema (The supreme) by Felipe Holguín Caro, Malta by Natalia Santa, Golán by Orlando Culzat, Matrioshka by Jorge Forero, Sandra, Minotauro (Minotaur) by Joaquín Uribe, and Soul of the Desert by Mónica Taboada-Tapia. Laura Mora's Los reyes del mundo (The Kings of the World) was screened in TIFF Industry Selects, a hand-picked selection of films and titles forming the market screenings to present to the press and industry.

- Alberto Gómez's Pablus gallinazo opened in theaters on September 22.

- Diana Ojeda received the Princess Grace Award.

Arena by Rossana Montoya, KeradóLlaga iracunda (Angry sore), and Somos tierra by Lala Corredor were part of the Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur Festival and Forum, from September 22 to 28 in Brazil. Anderson Nicolás Peña Téllez, Andrés Leonardo Ceballos Contreras, Hanna Valentina Gómez, Juan Manuel Jiménez Mateus, and Wilian Mauricio Sánchez Pulido took part in the University Rally.
- Laura Mora's Los reyes del mundo was part of the Official Selection of the 70th San Sebastian Film Festival, September 16 to 24. The film received its maximum award in this festival, the Concha de Oro (Golden Shell). It also won the Feroz Zinemaldia Award for best film in competition, as judged by the Spanish Film Informers Association (AICE) members, and the SIGNIS Award from the International Catholic Film Organization (OCIC). La jauríaUn varón by Fabián Hernández, and Vicenta B. by Cuban Carlos Lechuga competed in Horizontes Latinos. Petit mal, by Ruth Caudeli, and Un varón competed for the 10th Sebastiane Latino Award. Yennifer Uribe Alzate's Sandra participated in WIP Latam. In turn, Juan Sebastián Mesa's El lugar donde no estoy (The place where I'm not) was in the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum. La montaña azul (The blue mountain) by Sofía Salinas and Juan David Bohórquez won the Nest Award.
- From September 20-22, Bogota hosted Cineposium 2022, the most important training and networking event for film commissioners worldwide.
Los reyes del mundoVicenta B., Alis, Todo esto eran mangas (This used to be grasslands), Zarzal, Los pájaros (The birds) de Fabián Hernández, and La Sixtina (The Sistine) entered the Official Competition of the 31st Biarritz Amérique Latine Festival, September 26 to October 2. Los reyes del mundo received the Embrace for Best Film in the Fiction Competition, Alis won the Audience Award and the Student Jury Award from the Institute of Higher Latin American Studies, Los pájaros got the development grant from the CNC (Centro Nacional del Cine y la Imagen Animada), and Todo esto eran mangas obtained the BAL-LAB Award for fiction.
- Catalina Arroyave's El reino (The kingdom) was exhibited at the Platino Industry Co-Production Forum, September 27-30 in Madrid.
- Cristian Otálora's Distanciamiento social premiered on September 29.



- Colombian Diego F. Ramírez was elected —for the 2022-2025 term— first vice president of FIPCA, the Ibero-American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers.
La pesca del atún blanco (Fishing for albacore tuna) by Maritza Blanco, La pérdida de algo sentido (The loss of something meaningful) by Carlos Lesmes, and Socios por accidente (Partners by accident) by Fernando Ayllón opened in theaters on October 6.
La jauría participated in the 27th Busan International Film Festival, South Korea, October 5-14.
Cochina envidia (Filthy envy), a CINA beneficiary series, premiered on Prime Video on October 7.
- The 10th Panorama of Colombian Cinema in Paris was held from October 6 to 11, with 47 films in various sections. Winners included Entre perro y lobo (Between dog and wolf) by Irene Gutiérrez for Best Feature Film, Amparo with a Special Jury Mention, Alis with the Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Ekobio by Elkin Calderón and Diego Piñeros with the Jury Award for Best Short Film, Yoruga by Federico Torrado with a Special Jury Mention and the Audience Award for Best Short Film, and La cangrejera by Edgar Álvarez with the Pequeño Cachorro Award for Best Short Film.
- The Colombian co-production Memoria was nominated in the Best Ibero-American Film category at the 64th Ariel Awards, whose ceremony occurred on October 11.

La otra forma and El páramo (The squad) were the Colombian entries at the 55th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, which took place from October 6 to 16. La otra forma won Best Animated Feature Film.
- Simón Vélez's Los mejores ríos se deslizan bajo la tierra won Best Latin American Short Film at FICVALDIVIA, held October 10-16.
Alis won the Golden Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival, which celebrated its 58th edition from October 12-23. The Colombian film also received a Special Mention in the Out-Look Competition, highlighting the importance of gay-themed films in contemporary international cinema. In the International Fiction Competition, the Silver Hugo for Best Production Design went to Marcela Gómez (production designer) and Daniel Rincón (art director) for their work on the film Los reyes del mundo.

- The 65th Leipzig International Documentary and Animation Film Festival -DOK Leipzig took place from October 17 to 23. The festival awarded Anhell69 the Golden Dove in the International Competition.
- Los reyes del mundo opened commercially on October 13, while La Jauría did on October 20.
- Diana Montenegro's El alma quiere volar (The soul wants to fly), Miguel Urrutia's Hicimos una película (We made a movie), and Pável Quevedo's Sansón were released on October 27.



- The San Sebastian Film Festival (SSIFF) and Proimágenes Colombia began a training project to strengthen the skills and knowledge in film creation of 40 students from the 8th, 9th, and 10th grades (ages 14 to 16) of the Grancolombiano School in Bosa, Bogotá.
Médulas, sanando de raíz (Medullas, healing at the root) competed in the Japan Prize on November 4 in Tokyo.
- From November 3 to 13, Los reyes del mundo and La jauría were part of the 63rd Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece. At the same time, Anhell69 and Los mayores ríos se deslizan bajo tierra also participated in the 37th Mar del Plata International Film Festival.
- Colombian series Dapinty, una aventura musicolor (Dapinty, a musicolor adventure) was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Kids: Animation category.
Rebelión (Rebellion) by José Luis Rugeles premiered on November 3.
AlisAnhell69Amando a Martha (Loving Martha) by Daniela López and Los órganos internos de la madre tierra (Mother Earth's Inner Organs) by Ana Bravo represented Colombia at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - IDFA, November 9-20.
La roya by Juan Sebastián Mesa and Fósforos mojados (Wet matches) by Sebastián Duque premiered on November 10.
- Four Colombian productions received awards at the 64th Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival - ZINEBI, November 11 to 18. Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento won the Grand Prize in the International Competition, Anhell69 received the ZIFF Grand Prize, Diana Bustamante's Nuestra película got a ZIFF Special Mention, and Elena dio a luz a un hermoso niño (Elena gave birth to a beautiful child) by Chiara Marañón and Juan Soto obtained the ZINEBI Networking Award.
RebeliónBesos negros (Black Kisses) by Alejandro Naranjo, Entrevista de trabajo (Job Interview) by Carlos Osuna, and Mi vecino Adolfo by Leon Prudovsky were the Colombian films participating at the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, November 11 to 27. Rebelión received the Rebeldes con Causa Award.
- Felipe Monroy's Hijos del viento (Children of the wind), José Varón's Nocaut, and César Heredia's Salvador premiered on November 17.

- The tenth edition of the TAL Awards, held on November 17, honored the following Colombian productions: Entre fuego y agua; Zander; Dos Pajaritos; Secreto Ancestral (Ancestral Secret); Mesa para trece (Table for Thirteen); Natalia, crimen y castigo (Natalia, Crime and Punishment); Escénica (Scenic); Escarabajos, la ciencia detrás del ciclismo (Beetles, the Science Behind Cycling); El reino de Hippo - Efectos y futuro de los hipopótamos traídos por Pablo Escobar (The kingdom of Hippo - Effects and future of the hippos brought by Pablo Escobar); Frente al espejo (Facing the mirror); Camino a la reparación (Road to reparation); and Calles de cristal (Streets of glass).
- The 12th edition of BrLab took place from November 20 to 27, featuring the Colombian projects Gloria y el dragón (Gloria and the Dragon) by Cesar Heredia, produced by Daniela Echeverri, and La cábala del pez (The Cabala of the Fish) by Ana Kata Carmona, produced by Pablo Castrillón.
Los reyes del mundoVicenta B.Un lugar llamado dignidad (A Place called dignity) by Matías Rojas, Amparo, El árbol rojo, Cantos que inundan el río, Selva roja by Juan José Lozano, Del otro lado, La opción cero, Muu palaa - La abuela mar (Muu palaa - Grandmother Sea), and La Sixtina were part of the 24th Swiss festival FILMAR in Latin America, November 18 to 27. 
- On November 23, Echo 3, a U.S. production recipient of the CINA incentive, premiered on Apple TV+.
- The 15th edition of Ventana Sur took place from November 28 to December 2 and included Colombian productions La Suprema by Felipe Holguín, Memento mori by Fernando López Cardona, Malta, Al y En by Matías Sinay, Emilia by Cristian Arcos, León el camaleón (Leon the Chameleon) by María Cristina López, November, La casa de la playa (The beach house) by Kim Elizondo, Madre (Mother) by Edwin Restrepo, Okoro by Luis Merino, El nombrador de plantas (The plant namer) by Simón Hernández, Partes de una casa (Parts of a house) by David Correa, El secreto del mal (The secret of evil) by David Valencia, Chocó: la tierra y los monstruos, My father the truck, Teke uneka - I don't understand you by Marcelo Dematei, and Anómico by Andrés Beltrán. Anómico won the dossier development award for the most promising project in the genre markets granted by APIMA (Association of Independent Audiovisual Media Producers). Chocó, My father the truck, and Teke uneka received a Special Mention from MIFA / Annecy, which granted them accreditation while selecting them to be part of the pitch Animation! Focus @MIFA 2023. Chocó also received the Ibero-American Animation League award, which covered the costs of participating in the Quirino Awards 2023 (Spain) and the Pixelatl Festival 2023 (Mexico).



- David David's debut feature La frontera (The Border) premiered on December 1.
- Several Colombian productions were featured in various sections of the 43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, December 1 to 11. These included: Los reyes del mundo, Bajo un sol poderoso (Under a powerful sun) by Kike Alvarez, So Much Tenderness, La Sixtina, Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento, Yugo, SEK BUY by William Cayapur, La otra formaLa jauría, Amparo, Un varón, La suprema, Adiós al amigo (Goodbye to the friend) by Iván D. Gaona, Barbitch by Diego González Cruz, Camilo Torres Restrepo, el amor eficaz, and Los niños del agua (Children of the water) by Jorge Augusto Villa Arcila. Amparo won the Opera Prima Choral Award, La jauría the Choral Award for Artistic Contribution of an Opera Prima, La suprema the Postproduction Choral Award, and Un varón the Arrecife Award.
(No) es solo cuestión de tiempo (It's (not) just a matter of time) by Daniela Reyes, Mi apá (My dad) by Juan Diego Aguirre, Madre by David Herrera, and Metamorparis by Emanuel Rojas participated in the VII International Documentary Industry Meeting - Conecta, December 13 to 16, in Chile.

La jauría by Andrés Ramírez Pulido was announced as one of the nominees in the category of Best Ibero-American Film at the 37th edition of the Goya Awards, to be held in February 2023.
María Salvaje (Wild María) by Liliana Sayuri Matsuyama Hoyos opened on December 15.
- The beneficiaries of the IBERMEDIA Program were announced and included the Colombian projects El otro hijo (The other son) by Evidencia Films, La chica del circo (The circus girl) produced by Relato Films, Noviembre (November) produced by Burning, Rota (Broken) by Cinetiqueta Films, Elena dio a luz un hermoso niño by Sandelion Productions, Querido trópico (Dear tropic) by Gracia Cine, Desechable (Disposable) by Nocroma, El susurro del río (Whisper of the River) by Héroe Films, Las tierras que te buscan (The Lands that look for you) by Marginal Cine, El último Panamá (The last Panama) by Angarita & Mc'Causland Studio, and L'amor fu by Sakana Films.
- Dago García Producciones' El último hombre sobre la tierra (The last man on Earth) premiered December 22.

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