The FDC accompanies the creative filmmaking process by offering non-refundable financial incentives in competitions covering initial project development, writing and development of screenplays, production and filming activities, post-production, promotion, distribution, and participation in festivals and other related events.
FDC resources support the Colombian Audiovisual Heritage Support Program sponsored by the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation. This program strives to uncover audiovisual collections and records, researches recovery of Colombian feature film sound and image negatives, and restores important archives from the country's different regions. The program also manages the Colombian Audiovisual Heritage Information System (SIPAC), which focuses on policies and actions to ensure preservation and conservation of audiovisual works and records.
A variety of non-refundable financial incentives to formal and non-formal training programs offered by specialized institutions are designed to support technical, creative and commercial film industry professionals, including those who have received screenwriting and development funding. Resources also support audience training programs to promote critical understanding of audiovisual content.
The FDC has teamed up with national programs to fight the various forms of film copyright infringement. Specific programs included in national Anti-Piracy Commission policies have received support through training, promotion of respect for copyrights, and research into specific cases by specialized organizations and authorities.
Because precise knowledge regarding industry functions and incorporation is the cornerstone of any industry, the Colombian Film Law saw a need to create an organization capable of establishing or correcting public policy and co-management with private enterprise through industry promotion thereby ensuring proper channeling of resources, timely appraisal of results, and the creation of accurate diagnostics of the economic and social impact of films. The FDC also funded the creation, start-up and operation of the Film Industry Information and Recording System (SIREC), an industry information and statistics system.
Research and Studies
The FDC also funds analyses of the economic and social impact of film, the development of studies of different stages of the filmmaking process, and research on technical, economic and commercial sectors in order to create a solid foundation of knowledge related to film industry relationships, effects and future projections in Colombia.
As part of a dynamic chain linking creation, production, distribution, exhibition and consumer practices, each of which is interdependent, the FDC employs strict regulations in a line of action supporting infrastructure for technical laboratory processes, the creation of regional theaters in remote parts of the country and, in general, establishing, adapting or maintaining infrastructure required to make films and promote community access to them.