• Director:

    Luís Hernán Reina

    Luís Hernán Reina
  • Genre:

    Ficción / Suspenso

  • Duration:

    90 minutes

  • Year:


  • Cast:

    Ruddy Rodríguez

    Ruddy Rodríguez

    Telmary Díaz

    Telmary Díaz

    Zharick León

    Zharick León


Three friends, actresses from Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, first met while acting in a soap opera. Years later, they meet again for vacation in a farm in eastern Colombia, a region with a fascinating cattle ranch culture. Sitting around a bonfire and thanks to the arrival of an unknown cowhand, they begin to tell stories. The first one, told by the cowhand, is about a cowboy singer that faces the Devil in a musical duel and loses. The remaining stories have the common subjects of death and determinism. When the last story ends, the cowhand reveals his identity: he is the Devil. He challenges anyone of those present to duel with him, and the Cuban actress duly accepts the challenge. The Devil starts singing in the style of the locals while the Cuban answers rapping. The film ends when the Devil raises his hat, signaling his defeat, and disappears at the Crack of dawn.


  • Nationality: Colombia
  • Lenght: Feature Films
  • Stage: National Released
  • Format cap: video digital
  • Color: Color
  • Locations: Casanare

Technical team

Juan Calderón, José Eugenio Montoya

Assistant director

Luis Hernán Reina


Casa Roja Producciones S.A.


Andrés Reina


Andrés Reina

Executive Producer

Fundación Cuatro Caminos

Co producing

Andrea Luna, Lucía Chaparro, Jimena Gardeazabal

Production of Field

Raúl Rodríguez

Director of photography

Santiago Sánchez


Alexander Rueda, Juan Carlos Rueda, Yeison Fabian Patiño (Gafer), Javier Andrés Mérida (Gafer)

Assistant of fotografia

Alejandro Velásco

Direction of art

Helena patricia Uttima


David Bernardo Vallejo


Diego Figueroa


Mauricio Aristizabal

Boom operator

John Harvey Ubaque, Juan Carlos Taboada
- El Cholo Valderrama -, El Cachi Ortegón,
Telmary Diaz, Naif-Esteban Louis


Hernando Arsurdez, Hernán Jiménez, Paulina Restrepo


Exhibición Theatrical Colombia

Making of:
Santiago López
Contact production:
Casa Roja
Cra. 45A No. 101-22 Bogotá
Teléfonos: (57-1) 4813747
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