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Omar, a hitman from Medellín, encounters something stronger and more dangerous than a bullet: Love, represented in the sensual tenderness of Ilana, a prostitute. Together, they will give up everything to start a new life, but ghosts from the past will hunt them. Living under extremely difficult circumstances they barely manages to survive. Desperate, Omar unwillingly accepts a contract for one last time. But everything goes wrong: an important politician is killed and Omar is captured. To get out of jail he must come up with a large sum of money. When Omar finally gets out, he thinks Ilana has left him, not knowing that she risked her life to get him out. She’s now in the hospital… in a coma. When Omar finds out about Ilanas’s condition, his world falls apart. Enraged, he will search for tose responsible for her condition, only to learn that almost everytime it was pure love that triggered a fatal destiny.


National Prizes

    - Producción de Largometrajes. Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico.

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  • Nationality: Colombia
  • Release date: 06 de mayo
  • Lenght: Feature Films
  • Stage: National Released
  • Format pr: 35mm
  • Color: Color

Exhibición Theatrical Colombia

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Theatrical Release Distribution:
Babilla Ciné
Calle 69A # 4 - 57 Bogotá
Phone Number : (+57) 1 2117848/ 3479178
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Comunicación y Cultura
Ana María Aponte
Sofía Zuluaga
Catalina Rodríguez
Tel: (+57) 1 6183562/69
Contact production:
64A Films
Contacto: Diego Ramírez