Samuel (53) is a professional chess player that lives off of betting on small matches he knows he will win. His best friend is Joaquín (65), an accomplished watch-maker who’s about to loose the workshop he inherited from his father. And then there’s Marcos (72), a spanish homeopath devoted to finding a formula to win poker matches. These three men have found shelter in the safety of their routines, avoiding to facing up to their failures. But a time comes when they are confronted by reality and causes them to stagger. They’ll have to make decisions that put their comfortable safety at risk;apparently small decisions that will force them to reevaluate their place in the world.  



National Prizes

    - Estímulo para Producción de Largometrajes, Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico –FDC–, 2014.

International Prizes

    - Laboratorio de proyectos, Programa IBERMEDIA, 2014.

Beneficiary Film Development Fund - FDC


    Web Galaxia 311

    Participation in Festivals

      - Selección Oficial, 49 Quincena de Realizadores, Festival de Cannes, Francia, 2017. Estreno Mundial.
      - Proyecto Participante, Tribeca Workshop, EE.UU., 2015.
      - BAM Projects, Bogotá Audiovisual Market –BAM–, Colombia, 2015.
      - Proyecto Participante, Encuentros Cartagena, Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias -FICCI, Colombia, 2015.
      - Proyecto Participante, EAVE – Puentes, Luexemburgo, 2015.


    • Nationality: Colombia
    • Release date: 27 de Julio
    • Lenght: Feature Films
    • Stage: National Released
    • Format cap: Digital
    • Format pr: DCP
    • Color: Color
    • Sound: Dolby 5.1
    • Locations: Centro de Bogotá

    Exhibición Theatrical Colombia

    • Number of screens:
      Cine Colombia 8
      Otros 7
      Cinépolis 2
      Cinemark 2
      Procinal 1
      Royal Films 1

    Theatrical Release Distribution:
    Cine Colombia S.A. - CINECOLOCAL
    Carrera 13 No. 38 - 85, Bogotá - Colombia
    Phone Number : (57-1) 7569898
    Email :
    Communications Agency:
    Laboratorios Black Velvet
    CALLE 35 # 5 - 89 (Bogotá)
    Phone Number: +57 1 3001847 / 2321857