As he turns 16, Carlos faces the rite of passage to become a man, amidst the threatening men in his environment. Concerned about his mother and sister, he forces himself to display a type of masculinity imposed by his social context, which is also a threat to himself. In private, Carlos explores his sensitivity, his fragility, and everything “real men” do not show. Carlos must choose between the streets in a slum in Bogotá, or following the beat of his contradictions. He dreams of Christmas Eve with his family, unaware that his life will be on the edge.


Beneficiary Film Development Fund - FDC


    • Nationality: Colombia
    • Lenght: Feature Films
    • Stage: Finished
    • Format cap: Digital
    • Format pr: DCP
    • Color: Color
    • Sound: Dolby 5.1

    Exhibición Theatrical Colombia