Here you will find the profiles of directors, producers, audiovisual producers, actors, technical staff, etc. That by their trajectory and recognition have a prominent place in the national cinema.

Actor / Actress

Antonio Sanint

Born March 25, 2969 in Bogotá. Actor, publicist and comedian with several successful standup comedy tours to his credits. Studied Film and Television Production at Orange Coast College in California (USA) from 1991-1995, during which time he won the Silver Award for Best Student Film from the Chicago International Film Festival. He made his acting debut in the Dago Garcia production El paseo (2010) directed by Harold Trompetero.
Returning to Colombia, he worked as a creative at Casanova & Pendrill and BBDO Colombia, hosted the radio program “La hora del regreso” for W Radio and produced the radio soap “¿Cómo así la patasola?”, which “strangely enough received little notice despite a luxurious cast that included Andrés Salgado, Jorge Enrique Abello, Julián Arango and Marcela Benjumea.” (SoHo Magazine, September 2006). Antonio has acted in commercials for Colpatria, Ducales, 007 Mundo, Ego Shampoo and AquaFresh, the spot for which he is perhaps most remembered.
As a stand up comedian he has entertained at corporate events, performed for an entire season at the Hard Rock Café and toured nationally. He was both actor and writer on “Ríase el show” alongside Julián Arango (Te amo Ana Elisa), “Pareja abierta” and “¿Quién pidió pollo?” all for the National Theater.
He began working as a television presenter on “Marca Registrada” and City TV’s “Ciudad X” and later went on to act in “Alicia en el país de las mercancías” (2000) followed by supporting roles in RCN Television’s “El Inútil” (2001), “Todos quieren con Marilyn” (2004), “La hija del mariachi” (2006), “En los tacones de Eva” (2006), “La Pola” (2010) and Caracol Television’s “Dora la celadora” (2004).
Juana Uribe saw me in a show we were doing at a bar and offered me a part…”  He auditioned for the role of someone younger because he wasn’t ready to risk anything important, but was cast in one of the leads. “When they called and my wife took the message I thought it was a joke, because I knew I’d be working with some hard hitters.” (TV y Novelas No. 282, September 18, 2005).