Here you will find the profiles of directors, producers, audiovisual producers, actors, technical staff, etc. That by their trajectory and recognition have a prominent place in the national cinema.

Casting, Assistant director, Script , Director

Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina “Fagua” was born in Bogota on June 21, 1981. Carlos is a director with a degree from the School of Film and Television at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with an emphasis on directing, directing actors, and acting coaching with professional and non-professional actors. He is founder and director of Fagua Casting, which runs an acting school and provides casting services for feature films.
Carlos studied directing actors for film at the Fatima Toledo Studio in Brazil in 2015 and casting direction at the Extra Muros workshop with Walter Ripple in 2014. He also completed a screenwriting diploma program with Pablo Solars of the National Film School (ENACC) in 2014.
He has varied and extensive experience in film and television. He wrote and directed the short Esa única mujer, which won incentive awards from the Film Development Fund (FDC) in 2011 and an Honorable Mention at the Bogota Short Film Festival – BOGOSHORTS in 2013. The film also participated in the Official Selection of the 2014 Sao Paulo Short Film Festival, the 2014 Miami International Short Film Festival (MIASF), and the 2014 Moscow Film Festival.
He also directed the making-of for the movie The Squad (2011); the documentaries Levantando una cerca (2003) and A riendas sueltas (2003); and the shorts Perdóname (2002) and Contratación (2001). He worked as assistant director of commercials with Rhayuela Films in 2011, for clients such as Avianca, Prismacolor, Bayer, Coca-Cola in Guatemala, Sprite, and Lukafe.
Carlos has held a range of positions on several feature films. For Rubén Mendoza’s Dust on the Tongue (2012), he was casting director and script supervisor. On José Luis Rugeles’s Alias Maria (2014), César Acevedo’s Land and Shade (2014), and Felipe Guerrero’s Oscuro animal (2015), he served as casting director, script supervisor, and acting coach.
He has worked as casting director on María Gamboa’s Mateo (2012); Franco Lolli’s Gente de bien (2013); Laura Mora’s Matar a Jesús (2016); Nicolás Buenaventura’s KAIRÓS, Tiempo oportuno (2016); Monos (2016), by Alexis dos Santos and Fernando Landes; and Rubén Mendoza’s Niña errante (2016). He was both casting director and acting coach on Jorge Navas’s Buenaventura Mon Amour (2016) and Samir Oliveros’s When the Well Runs Dry (2016).
His work on shorts includes positions as casting director on Daniel Mejía’s Tierra fértil (2011) and Historias menores (2010); Martha Flores’s Juego de niños (2009); and Rubén Mendoza’s Juego de niños (2008). He was also script supervisor for Germán Marín’s Bocas de ceniza (2002) and Penélope (2002); Diana Luque’s Sueños sobre la arena (2002); and Rubén Mendoza’s La casa por la ventana (2006).
Carlos has served as a professor at the SENA and the National Film School (ENACC). From 2003 to 2005, he taught at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia’s “Cine al patio” project, which won incentive awards for Audience Education from the Film Development Fund (FDC).