Here you will find the profiles of directors, producers, audiovisual producers, actors, technical staff, etc. That by their trajectory and recognition have a prominent place in the national cinema.


Diego Vivanco

Born Sept. 15, 1971 in Argentina. Screenwriter and playwright with ample film and television experience in Colombia.
Studied Design and Image and Sound from 1990 to 1997 at the University of Buenos Aires and attended Robert McKee Story and Genre (comedy and thriller) seminars as well as a Literary Writing workshop at Central University (2007). In 2005, Vivanco won Spain’s Carolina Foundation grant to attend a Film Project Development course with his feature film project García (2010) and participated in a Script Writing and Sales workshop led by Michael McHalsky and Jean Pierre Garcia and organized by the French Embassy in Colombia with the same script in 2007.
His television work began with the writing of 735 episodes for the youth series Francisco el matemático (1999 – 2002) produced by RCN Televisión; later he was a script consultant when the series was adapted by Televisa Mexico in 2002 under the name Clase 406. Vivanco had a small role in the wildly successful series Yo soy Betty, la fea in 1999 and from 2002 to 2004 he created the original idea and wrote 269 episodes of the TV soap Las noches de Luciana produced by RCN Televisión. He wrote 100 episodes of En los tacones de Eva in 2005, adapted the Argentine children’s series Floricienta (Cris Morena Group) for Colombia in 2006 and in 2007 adapted the series Mujeres asesinas (Pol – Ka Producciones), the latter two for RCN Televisión. He also created the original idea and wrote the scripts for the youth series A mano limpia (2008 – 2009) and for the series Cuarenta (2010 – 2011) for RCN Televisión.
Vivanco’s film experience includes the original idea and screenplay for the feature film García (2010) by director Jose Luis Rugeles, co-writing El páramo (2011) by Jaime Osorio Márquez, which won Best Screenplay in the Ibero-American Fiction Feature Award at the 2012 Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG27) and the screenplay for Rhayuela’s next feature film, María, selected for the Swiss Dreamago Foundation’s “Plume e Pellicule” workshop sponsored by the Carolina Foundation in 2011 and for the 2011 Oviedo Film Screenplay Writing Lab. 

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