International Billboard October / 2022

El alma quiere volar.png

Colombia El Alma quiere Volar

October 27 / 2022

Country: Colombia

Director: Diana Montenegro

Duration: 88 min

Genre: Ficción / Drama


Los reyes del mundo.png

Colombia Los Reyes del mundo

October 13 / 2022

Country: Colombia, Luxemburgo, México, Francia, Noruega

Director: Laura Mora

Duration: 104 min

Genre: Ficción / Road movie,
Ficción / Drama,
Ficción / Aventura


La Jaura.png

Colombia La Jauría

October 20 / 2022

Country: Colombia, Francia

Director: Andrés Ramírez Pulido

Duration: 87 min

Genre: Ficción / Drama


Eliú, a country boy, is incarcerated in an experimental minors' centre in the heart of the Colombian tropical forest, for a crime he committed with his friend El Mono. Every day, the teenagers perform strenuous manual labour and intense group therapy. One day, El Mono is transferred to the same centre and brings with him a past that Eli&...