1 Comfama Animation Festival

February 16 to 18 - 2024 / El Retiro (Antioquia)


The first edition of the Comfama Animation Festival is a gathering that celebrates the art of animation and its influence on modern culture. Inspired by pioneers such as Georges Méliès, the festival serves as a platform to explore the frontiers of imagination and visual storytelling. With the growth of the global animation market, it aims to capitalize on this momentum to foster regional cultural and economic growth.

The event will take place in El Retiro, a town known for its emerging cultural landscape and picturesque surroundings. The festival's choice of venue not only underscores its cultural significance but also fosters connections with Antioquia's creative and cultural sectors.

The inaugural edition of the festival, themed "The Journey," embraces themes of physical exploration and personal reflection. Through film screenings, discussions, hands-on workshops, and interactive engagements, it encourages participants to embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.