9º Ojo al Sancocho

October 08 to 15 - 2016 / Bogotá


The Ojo al Sancocho International Festival of Alternative and Community Film and Video was founded in 2008 as a community-based initiative to democratize culture and audiovisual education in Colombia.

The Ojo al Sancocho festival promotes new filmmakers and producers from Bogota’s Ciudad Bolivar district, as well as the rest of Bogota, Colombia, and Latin America. The festival is committed to film and video that is educational, cultural, informative, and stimulating. It promotes Latin American identity, multiculturalism, and the values of freedom, solidarity, peace and justice. The festival fosters and facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences through alternative and community-based film and video. The spaces created by the festival work toward collectively building a film and video culture that is in line with our identity and the social realities of Colombia.