April 03 to 14 - 2019 / Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Year after year, BAFICI consolidates its status as one of the world’s most prominent film festivals, placed as it is in a privileged and distinguished position on the international film agenda.

The Festival is renowned as an essential means of promotion for independent filmmaking, showcasing its most innovative, risk-taking and committed films. In the span of a comprehensive programming, it comprises several cultural expressions and gathers acclaimed directors and new talents within a dynamic atmosphere.

With a wide range of films including Argentine, Latin American and worldwide premieres as well as well-deserved retros, BAFICI is the greatest, most prestigious event for independent cinema in Latin America.

The 2013 final figures show a turnout increase and the consolidation of the Festival as a major date in the City’s rich cultural calendar. More than 370 thousand people participated in the 15th BAFICI, what confirms the drawing power of such comprehensive showcase of risk-taking and groundbreaking cinema, hardly available on the commercial circuit of this known film-loving city.

The Festival’s growth also translated into a larger number of venues all across Buenos Aires. All our neighbors can enjoy first-rate movies in the different districts of the City. Buenos Aires breathes cinema and its citizens, well known for their avid filmgoing, join each edition in a growing number.


Películas Colombianas participantes