Festival Internacional In Vitro Visual - FIIVV'12

December 04 to 08 - 2012 / Bogotá


After 10 years as exhibiting short weekly alternative space (In Vitro Visual) and 5 in the traditional format of the annual (FIIVV - In Vitro Visual International Festival), arrives in 2012 where the slogan is "COOL IDEAS", an invitation to let the cobwebs from his head in the house and open the eyes with fresh images that young directors, especially of spirit, bring everyone to realize that the audiovisual and stories are far beyond what normally consume.

Arriving in Korea, covering most of Europe, stopping in Paris, or peering Venezuela and Mexico, offers trips FIIVV'12 world through short films and see first hand the ways in which feelings are expressed, illusions, fears, and dreams of those around the globe, decide to leave their mark telling stories only armed with cameras and talent.