Colombia at Cannes

Pantalla Colombia No.: 131
mayo 01 - 31 / 2024

Mi bestia (My Beast), Camila Beltrán's debut feature film and a beneficiary of the Film Development Fund (FDC), was part of the ACID section at Cannes. The film, notable for its strong female presence in key roles, had its world premiere in this section, which has presented the first films of many renowned filmmakers in recent years. Six productions participated in the Marché du Film, while Proimágenes Colombia was supporting the national delegation at booth 136.


Mi bestia takes place in Bogotá in 1996. The city is in a state of panic as rumors spread that the devil will arrive during an upcoming lunar eclipse. Mila, a 13-year-old girl, feels increasingly oppressed by the stares of those around her. She wonders if the changes in her body are related to the prophecy. When the dreaded day arrives, the red moon lights up the sky.

The ACID Cannes section, organized by the Association for the Distribution of Independent Cinema, comprises filmmakers who foster dialogue between authors and audiences. Its program in Cannes includes nine feature films, both fiction and documentary, often without a distributor, selected by about fifteen filmmakers from the Association (members featured at ACID Cannes in previous years). These films show the boldness of the filmmakers and the diversity of perspectives that define independent cinema in France and abroad. ACID's 51 screenings, including nine commercial screenings at the Palais, are open to professionals and the general public. All screenings are followed by discussions with ACID film crews and filmmakers. 

First films by auteurs such as Avi Mograbi (The First 54 Years), Kaouther Ben Hania (Four Daughters), Yolande Moreau (Henri), Nicolas Pereda (Perpetuum Mobile), Gilles Porte (When the Sea Rises), Pierre Schoeller (The Minister) and Justine Triet (Anatomy of a Fall), among others, have been presented in this section. Films participating in ACID Cannes are then supported through various distribution stages, including finding distributors, promotion, programming, and support in ACID's 400 partner cinemas, festivals, and cultural venues in nearly 20 countries.

Mi bestia is produced by Felina Films and Films Grand Huit (France), in co-production with Inercia Películas and Ganas Producciones. The film has a high percentage of women in its technical and artistic team. It stars Stella Martínez, Mallely Murillo, Marcela Mar (Entre tú y Milagros/Between You and Milagros) and Héctor Sánchez. The technical team includes Lionel Massol, Paola Pérez Nieto  (Los iniciados/The Initiated), and Camila Beltrán (Pacífico oscuro/Dark Pacific) in production; Marcela Mar and Valeria Esteban in executive production; Camila Beltrán and Silvina Schnicer in screenplay; Sofía Guzmán (Manos sucias/Dirty Hands) for production design; Lina Cadavid (Fósforos mojados/Wet Matches) for makeup design; Luz Helena Cárdenas (Somos calentura/We Are the Heat) for costume design; French cinematographer Sylvain Verdet; and Jeanne Oberson and Camila Beltrán for editing. The original music was composed by Wissam Hojeij, among others.
Mi bestia is a recipient of the FDC 2019 Call for Fiction Feature Film Production and the French Fund Aide Aux Cinémas du Monde - CNC Post-production Assistance. It received the ARTE Kino Award from the Co-Production Forum of the San Sebastian Festival 2020 and support from the Writing Fund of the Normandy Region and the International Co-Development Fund of Brittany in 2019. The project participated in the Moulin d'Andé Writing Residency (CECI) in 2018, Cannes Focus Copro 2021, and Eave Bridges 2021.

Meanwhile, the Marché du Film, the industry section of the Cannes Film Festival, presented the animated film Mu-Ki-Ra (formerly Chocó) in the Annecy Animation Showcase during Animation Day, organized by the Annecy Festival. The selection included another Latin American production, El lenguaje de los pájaros (The Language of the Birds, Mexico), and three co-productions from France with Luxembourg, Japan, and Belgium. It is directed by actress and screenwriter Estefanía Piñeres Duque and produced by Letrario in co-production with Abano Producións (Spain).

The project is currently in development and is expected to be completed in 2025. It is supported by the Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico - FDC and the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge. It has participated in various spaces and forums, including the Bogotá Audiovisual Market - BAM in the BAM Animation section, where it received the BAM Digital Future Award, as well as MIAnima and Pixelatl, where it won the Estudio Pitch Award from Ánima Estudios and Pixelatl.

In the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry section, dedicated to short film professionals, the market's catalog included Yolanda camina sola (Yolanda walks alone) by John Agudelo, produced by Lalunar Films; Nea, directed and written by Alex Ulises and Nelson González Navarrete, which has participated in festivals such as the San Diego Latino Film Festival (2023), Cannes Indie Shorts (2023), Mirada Corta (2024) and will be part of the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2024; El desvelo (The Insomnia), directed by Ana Milena Saavedra and produced by 4:00 A.M. Films SAS.; and the student short Cacique del monte (The Cacique of the Mountain), directed by Mateo Martínez, a co-production with the United States.

The Fantastic Pavilion, a notable space for horror and fantasy cinema at the Marché du Film, has teamed up with Ventana Sur's Maquinitas program to promote the video game industry through Let's Spook Cannes, a networking space to showcase and promote video games in development. Participating in this event was Hollow Flowers, a transmedia fantasy and horror project that includes an animated series, a video game, and a comic book created by Colombian Daniel Yepes, director of Estudio Ruido Amigo (Argentina), and the Chilean co-production, La otra piel, Patricia Correa's debut film.

The Colombian delegation included representatives from Ágora Films, Atmedios, Blond Indian Films, Burning, Chicamocha Films, Cineplex, De Echeona & Asociados, Ferviente Films, Ganas Producciones, Guerrero Films, Hoy Es Ayer, Inercia Películas, Jaguar Bite, JGA Abogados, La Batea, Laima Productions, Little Bears, LYNCH anima, M Cinéma, Marginal Cine, Nino Visual, Oso Films, Producciones Cinematográficas ZUMA, Red Collision Entertainment, Rhayuela Films, Ruido Amigo, Selva Producciones, TheGseven Group and Troya Films.

In addition, Proimágenes Colombia joined the delegation at the festival with a booth (number 136) in the International Village, where over 80 countries are represented in some 60 pavilions. Four co-production meetings with Canada, Uruguay-Italy, Brazil, and Spain, and other encounters with Asian countries were on the agenda. Spotlight Asia is a highlight of the networking activities and a dedicated space to foster greater film collaborations between Asia and the international film industry. A case study was presented on the development of the Colombian-Thai film Memoria, written and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, with the participation of Colombian producer Diana Bustamante.

Más noticias

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Three short films in Huesca

The Colombian productions Bogotá Story, Zombie, and Afuera el mundo cae sobre mi cuerpo (Outside the World Falls on My Body) are part of the Ibero-American Official Selection.
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Colombia at FICG39

Two Colombian productions will compete in the official competition, and four others will participate in the Industry section of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.