Three short films in Huesca

Pantalla Colombia No.: 131
mayo 01 - 31 / 2024

The Colombian productions Bogotá Story, Zombie, and Afuera el mundo cae sobre mi cuerpo (Outside the World Falls on My Body) are part of the Ibero-American Official Selection.

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The Huesca International Film Festival, now in its 52nd edition, will present 78 short films in three competitions: 32 in the Ibero-American, 30 in the International, and 16 in the Documentary. From June 7 to 15, the festival will showcase works from 30 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Spain has the most entries with 25, followed by France with 11, Germany with 10, and Mexico with 6.
The festival is one of six in Spain approved for the Oscar preselection. The main venue for the screenings is the Teatro Olimpia, where the public can enjoy the films and meet the creators. For those unable to attend in person, there is an online option, extending the reach to a global audience.
Esteban Pedraza's Bogotá story leads the Colombian presence in this year's Ibero-American Short Film Competition. This short film won the Audience Award and a Special Jury Mention in the Official Short Film section at the 36th Cinelatino Festival in Toulouse. It was also a big winner at the 21st Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá - Bogoshorts, winning the Santa Lucía Awards for Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Actor, and Best Actress after its world premiere in the Orizzonti Competition at the Venice Film Festival (2023).
Set in 1992, during a time of narco-violence, car bombs, and daily blackouts in Colombia, Bogotá Story follows a young mother from Bogota who receives an internship opportunity in New York. She must choose between her family and her dreams. The film stars Catalina Rey and Víctor Tarazona, with production by Diana Patiño, cinematography by Ryan Marie Helfant, production design by Marcela Gómez, sound design by Andrés Silva, colorization by Dante Pasquellini, and graphic design by Jorge Amador.
Written and directed by Frank Benitez, Zombie premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival before being screened at the Huesca International Film Festival. It also participated in the BFM Incubator of the 5th BFM - BOGOSHORTS Film Market at the Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá - Bogoshorts 2021. The movie tells the story of Yeison, an introverted young man who loves heavy metal and zombie movies. He is in love with his only friend, Laura, but doesn't know how to win her over or how to face adulthood.
Produced by Planeador Films and Magdalena Films, Zombie features Sara Bautista as producer, music by Las Póker, design by Karol Peña, and cinematography by Pedro Pablo Vega. The cast includes Daniel Rengifo, Juana Rincón, Constancia Diaz, and Julian Fuentes.
Finally, Afuera el mundo cae sobre mi cuerpo is about a young mother who lives with her two children in a poor neighborhood. She postpones her daughter's birthday party while defending her daughter. Directed by Andrés Acevedo Zuleta, who won the Academic FICME at the 2017 Medellín International Short Film Festival with his first short film Mundo Malo, this short film also participated in the 18th Bogotá Shorts Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá - Bogoshorts.
Produced by Nicolás Ortega Baquero and Ana María Muñoz Guzmán, co-produced by Gaoman Films, with photography by Juana González, art by Nadia Iannina Viloria Díaz, sound by José Roberto Jaramillo, and editing by Un sol negro, Andrés Acevedo Zuleta, and Juan Cañola, the film stars Natalia Polo, Heidy Melissa Calle, and Emmanuel Sepúlveda Bedoya.

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Colombia at Cannes

Mi bestia (My Beast), Camila Beltrán's debut feature film and a beneficiary of the Film Development Fund (FDC), was part of the ACID section at Cannes. The film, notable for its strong female presence in key roles, had its world premiere in this section, which has presented the first films of many renowned filmmakers in recent years. Six productions participated in the Marché du Film, while Proimágenes Colombia was supporting the national delegation at booth 136.
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Colombia at FICG39

Two Colombian productions will compete in the official competition, and four others will participate in the Industry section of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.