Colombia at the Tribeca Film Festival

Pantalla Colombia No.: 113
abril 01 - mayo 31 / 2022

The feature motion picture Petit Mal by Ruth Caudeli and the short film Bebé (Baby) by Cristina Sánchez Salamanca will be part of the Official Selection of the new edition of the festival, to take place from June 8 to 19.

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Next June will see the 2022 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival —an annual event created after the 9/11 attacks— which brings the best of world cinema and renowned figures from the international film industry to the iconic American city.
Two Colombian films will be part of this edition of the festival. The Viewpoints section, which presents films with original and audacious visions and innovative points of view, will include Ruth Caudeli's Petit Mal. The film, as Variety describes, is "a collaborative chronicle of queer life, in which three charismatic women living in an intimate, passionate partnership must learn to navigate the shift in their dynamic when one lover is called away for a long-term project." 
The film is based on the premise: Have you ever met a threesome? We open the doors of our home to show you what our life is like, how we live, as a couple of women, in the absence of one of us. This real fiction shows us how we deal with loneliness and jealousy and how we have to adapt when three become two. It is produced by Ovella Blava Films and stars Silvia Varón, Ana María Otálora, and Ruth Caudeli.
The second Colombian production in the festival is Bebé, a short film by Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, which will be part of the festival's online premieres. In it, Nina must confront her insecurities and her deteriorating relationship with her father, on her stepsister's birthday.
Written by Sánchez herself, the short film was produced by Duván Duque and Natalia Barriga and stars Maria José Quintero Ruíz, Rashed Estefenn, and Juliana Bustillo.

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Colombia at Cannes

Colombia is taking part in mutilple sections of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (May 17-28): Un varón (A male) by Fabián Hernández in the Directors' Fortnight; La jauría (The Pack) by Andrés Ramírez Pulido in the 61st edition of Critics' Week; Donde comienza el río (Where the River starts) by Juan Andrés Arango in the Cinéfondation's Atelier; and the co-productions Las bravas (The Braves), Regreso al mar de mis muertos (Back to Sea of my Deceased), and Nuestra Memoria (Our Memory) in the industry section. Proimágenes Colombia is coming back with a stand at the Marché du Film to accompany the national delegation. At press time, La Jauría had received the Grand Prize and the SACD Award.
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Colombian presence at Hot Docs

The 29th edition of the most significant event in North America dedicated to documentary filmmaking came to an end with the participation of five Colombian productions.