Calls for FDC

The CNACC, as the entity responsible for directing FDC resources, has determined that incentives must be channeled through yearly FDC calls-for-entry open to the public in which those interested have equal opportunity to participate.

FDC calls-for-entry seek to provide integral support through non-refundable resources assigned directly and free of charge every year to Colombian film projects at every stage, from screenplay and project development to production, post-production and on to promotion, distribution and exhibition.

The FDC also supports an integral concept of filmmaking through sponsorship of training for technicians, creative staff and directors, audience formation activities that inspire filmmaking and a critical understanding of audiovisual content, anti-piracy activities and, naturally, the conservation of Colombia's audiovisual heritage through diverse methods.

Support for new infrastructure in theaters, especially in remote regions, and new laboratories will also be available in the future through the FDC's financing system providing loans at lower interest rates.

You'll find all the requirements, conditions, terms and other aspects of the different yearly calls-for-entry on our website.