Médulas, sanando de raíz at the Japan Prize

Pantalla Colombia No.: 118
octubre 16 - noviembre 15 / 2022

The series, produced by Dieciséis 9 Films and Canal Capital Sistema de Comunicación Pública, was part of the competition whose awards ceremony took place on November 4 in Tokyo.

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United by a healing dialogue and the reconstruction of intimate memories, twenty women go to the core of their experiences of discrimination, violence, and gender inequality. They confront the fears, traumatic experiences, and chains of violence they have faced to resignify their past while healing the sources of their identity. By sharing true gender-based violence stories, they deconstruct and resignify their memory, embodied by a walnut tree's roots.
This is the storyline of Médulas, sanando de raíz (Medullas, healing at the root), an experimental animated documentary series selected as a finalist in the Japan Prize. This international competition chooses the best television, and other media productions focused on educational content. Since 1965, it has awarded outstanding works that expand education possibilities. Each year, more than 300 works are submitted to this event, and in 2022, awards were given in Pre-schoolElementaryYouthDigital Media, and LifelongLearning divisions. The event aims to identify changes in education and learning styles, improve educational content quality worldwide, and contribute to peace and prosperity for humanity.
Médulas, sanando de raíz is a Dieciséis 9 Films production for Canal Capital Sistema de Comunicación Pública. It was nominated in the Lifelong Learning category, focusing on audiovisual content for young people over 18. The film competed against productions from Ireland, Germany, Canada, Holland, France, Argentina, South Africa, and Sweden. Young Plato, a co-production between Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Belgium, was the winner of this category.
The Colombian series is made up of ten episodes addressing different issues, from sexual harassment and abuse, discrimination, and transphobia to home care and working in the street as a woman. The episode titles are Urban LanguagesMy BodyMy ChoiceDown to EarthResilienceHealing from Within#MeTooWeaving MemoryBarriersWomen in Pandemic, and Less Paperwork, More Action.
Lola Barreto directed the series and contributed to the research along with Jimena Sánchez Granados and Diana Caicedo. Laura Benavides Ramírez wrote the script; Laura Castillo Beltrán, Ángela Paola González Vásquez, and Juan Manuel Nieto Fajardo were in the production team; Carolina Lucio worked on the sound design and music; and Alejandro Beltrán Olivero led the editing. The animation team was composed of Margarita Jiménez Moyano, Alejandra Salinas Gamboa, Laura Benavides Ramírez, Jenny Romero Arévalo, Victoria Romero Suárez, Juliana Pinzón Caicedo, Gabriela Méndez, Anny Uribe Zambrano, Santiago Sánchez Ballén, Cristian Rodríguez Suárez, Wanda Paz, Ana Caro, and Sergio Lombo Ortiz.
All the episodes of the series can be watched at www.conexioncapital.co

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