Colombia stands out in the world

Pantalla Colombia No.: 117
septiembre 01 - octubre 15 / 2022

Four awards, including the Golden Shell for best film at the San Sebastian Festival, broad participation at Iberseries & Platino Industria, and outstanding presence in the Pixelalt and Toronto festivals, made Colombia's international share in September.

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Colombia in Spain
At the 70th edition of the San Sebastian Festival, Laura Mora's Los reyes del mundo (The kings of the world) was awarded the Golden Shell for Best Film. This is the first time a Colombian production has won the highest prize at the festival. The feature film also received the Feroz Zinemaldia Award for best film in competition from the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Informers (AICE) and the SIGNIS Award from the International Catholic Film Organization (OCIC). At the Catalan festival, Sofía Salinas and Juan David Bohórquez's Montaña azul (The blue mountain) won the Nest Award, the highest recognition in the short film competition bringing together students from film schools around the world.

Iberseries & Platino Industria, an international professional film event focused on Spanish-language series content, also took place this month. The 2022 edition of the Ibero-American market held professionals from 35 countries, more than 60 panels, over 180 speakers, and 36 screenings premiering new content. Over 50 international buyers, 164 new participating projects, 37 exhibitors' stands, more than 100 accredited journalists, and around 300 scheduled activities were part of the event.
More than 60 accredited participants from Colombia attended activities such as the Meeting of International Production Companies and the conference 'Impact and benefits of public policies in the film industry in Colombia.' The former fostered connections and co-productions between Ibero-American producers and peers from other countries. The latter focused on the stability achieved in the country and other laws and initiatives that have led to the remarkable growth of Colombian and international film productions made in the country. Participants included Alina Hleap (director of Fundación ENIC Producciones and SAPCINE); Ana Piñeres, president of EGEDA Colombia and producer; Claudia Triana, director of Proimágenes Colombia; Diego García-Moreno, founding member of Alados - Corporación Colombiana de Documentalistas; and Vivian Alvarado, general manager of EGEDA Colombia.

Procolombia held a delegation of 15 producers coordinating a pitch session where film entrepreneurs showed their proposals to potential investors or co-producers. It supported Upfront Colombia, where productions ready for distribution were screened, and organized a networking space for 300 people.
At the event, Los Angeles and Madrid-based Secuoya Studios, and Colombia's Caracol Televisión, closed a framework deal to jointly develop, produce and finance scripted series over the next year. 
Colombia in Mexico
The country was also part of the Pixelatl Festival, the leading event connecting Latin American creators and the global animation, comic, and video game industries. In its eleventh edition in Guadalajara (Mexico), Colombia participated in the Official Short Film Selection with Color-ido by Estefanía Piñeres Duque, Boa by Nicolás Eduardo Parra, Keradó by Andrés Castillo and Diego Alejandro Castillo, and El dolor de mi madre (My mother's pain) by Juliana Erazo (Netherlands, Colombia). These four short films have been beneficiaries of the Film Development Fund - FDC.
The feature films La otra forma (The other way) and Dos pajaritos (Two little birds) were screened at the event. La otra forma, by Diego Guzmán,  won an award in the Latin American and Spanish Feature Film Competition at the last edition of Chilemonos and was part of the Annecy Festival. Dos pajaritos is a TV series directed by Alfredo Soderguit and Alejo Schettini. It won first place in the Short Contents category of the Prix Jeunesse International 2022, the Jury Prize for Best Series at the Annecy 2022 International Festival, and the prize for Best Latin American Series at Chilemonos 2022.
The companies Lucy Animation Studios, 3 Dados Media, Dinamita Animación, Felicita Movies, and Caballo Loco took part in the event. The International Promotion delegation of Proimágenes Colombia supported the promotion of the projects My Dad the Truck by María Cristina Pérez González, The Council of Dead Birds and A Dark Poem of Humanity by Jimmy Cho, Halloween by Silvia Prietov, and Len and the Song of the Whales by Julián Londoño.
Colombia in Canada
The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) also took place in September. Three Colombian feature films in the Contemporary World Cinema section: La Jauría (The pack) by Andrés Ramírez PulidoVicenta B.directed by Cuban Carlos Lechuga, and So Much Tenderness by Colombian Lina Rodriguez. The short film Todo incluido (All included) by Duván Duque was in the Short Cuts section. Laura Mora's Los reyes del mundo (The Kings of the World) was screened in the TIFF Industry Selects, a selection of movies handpicked to be part of the market screenings organized for the press and industry.
Representatives of the Colombian companies Signos Studio SAS, STORY, 36 Grados, Diptongo, Caracol Televisión, Studio AYMAC, and TeleColombia & Estudios TeleMéxico attended the event. The International Promotion Department supported the promotion of the fiction feature films La Suprema (The supreme) by Felipe Holguín Caro; Malta by Natalia SantaGolán by Orlando Culzat; Matrioshka, directed and produced by Jorge ForeroSandra by Yennifer Uribe; and the documentaries Minotauro by Joaquín Uribe and Soul of the Desert by Mónica Taboada-Tapia.

Más noticias

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Cineposium was held in Latin America

Bogota hosted the world's most important training and networking meeting for film commissioners, with speakers from Disney, Netflix, and Universal, among others.
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Alina de Cuba was filmed

The historical drama, a beneficiary of the Audiovisual Investment Certificate - CINA, is directed by Miguel Bardem and stars Ana Villafañe and James Franco. Filming took place in Bogota and Cartagena. More than 80% of its technical and art crew are Colombian.