Pálpito Tops Netflix Charts

Pantalla Colombia No.: 122
abril 16 - mayo 31 / 2023

After its first week of release, the second season of the CINA beneficiary series, Pálpito (The Marked Heart), claimed the number one spot as the most-watched non-English series on Netflix, with over 52 million hours of playback.

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Pálpito follows the gripping story of a man who will go to any lengths to save his wife's life. She falls victim to an organ trafficking gang linked to the highest levels of power. During the first week of its second season's launch (April 17 to 23), the series garnered an impressive 52 million hours of views, solidifying its position as the most-watched non-English series on the streaming platform.

Additionally, according to Semana Magazine, the first season of Pálpito, which premiered on April 20, 2022, enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. With over 60 million viewers worldwide, it returned to the Global Top 10, securing the third position with over 26 million hours watched. Pálpito 2's global success reached an astonishing 64 countries, including Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Malta, among others, where it claimed the top spot.

The series, produced by Clara María Ochoa and Ana Piñeres from CMO Producciones for Netflix and created by Venezuelan Leonardo Padrón, was directed by Camilo Vega, Ruth Caudeli, and Rodrigo Triana. The talented team of screenwriters included Leonardo Padrón, Dorís Seguí, Christian Jiménez, and Carlos Castro. Executive producers Clara María OchoaAna Piñeres, and Leonardo Padrón were also involved, along with directors of photography Diego Jiménez and Alfonso Parra, production designer Diana Trujillo, art director Tatiana Dulcey, editor Luis Patiño, and composer José Reinoso, among others. The cast features Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Brown, Sebastián Martínez, Margarita Muñoz, Moisés Arismendi, Valeria Emiliani, Julián Cerati, Juan Fernando Sánchez, Mauricio Cujar, and Jacqueline Arenal.

"Pálpito once again demonstrates that Latin American content can reach audiences worldwide. These projects have their unique identity while being universally relatable, showcasing a wealth of local talent both in front of and behind the camera. They are stories that deeply resonate with viewers, revealing the world in a profound way," Padrón shared with Deadline.
The two-season production, consisting of 24 episodes, received the Certificate of Audiovisual Investment - CINA, which encompasses various forms of audiovisual content such as films, TV series, music videos, video games, animation, and audiovisual advertising produced by foreign companies in Colombia. The purpose of CINA is to promote Colombia as a prime destination for audiovisual production by providing a tax discount of 35% on expenses related to audiovisual and logistical services incurred by foreign production companies within the country. The projected investment in Colombia from all CINA-approved projects from 2020 to 2022 amounts to 1.7 trillion pesos. This not only contributes to job opportunities in the audiovisual industry but also extends to sectors like transportation and tourism, benefiting the Colombian workforce.

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